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Estona are experienced in developing and promoting the branding for University Departments, Institutes and research projects. For information on how estona can promote your institution see web development & promotion for universities.

To discuss how our web site design services can transform the presence of your organisation call us now on 01405 704763 (UK) or 0439 537 593 (Australia).

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water@leeds - Click to visit water@leeds. When the University of Leeds updated its corporate identity and required that research group web sites adhere to the latest web standards, Estona was selected for the job and took the opportunity to create a new brand and logo for water research at Leeds.
Online GIS course - Click to visit Online GIS course. This site was developed to market an online M.Sc. course provided by the University of Leeds, UK.
The Earth and Biosphere Institute - Click to visit The Earth and Biosphere Institute. This site was developed to provide a common identity and forum for the EBI which is otherwise a virtual institute in that it has no single physical location.
Railway Innovation - Click to visit Railway Innovation. A collaboration between research engineers at Sheffield Hallam University and industry that provides the means to register and share technology innovations to improve rail safety. Estona created a system to encourage collaboration between research specialists and industry. Problems can be defined in such a way as to allow them to be matched against novel solutions from other industrial sectors that would not otherwise have the means to match and share expertise.
eChina - Click to visit eChina. This site presents a Sheffield University case study (that sits within a larger web site for a national project) on the results of a collaborative eLearning project ´eChina´ between the Universities of Sheffield, Nottingham, Lancaster and Beijing.
Palaeobiology Research Group Palaeobiology Research Group. This site was created to define an identity and branding for a Sheffield University research group, to share their research and publications, and to save on admin by making lecture notes and papers available as downloads. This site has been No1 in the world on Google for ´palaeobiology´ for the past 4 years.

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