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Online Marketing Strategies

Contacting Estona is the first step towards turning your existing web site into a profitable business tool. We specialise in increasing the number of visitors your site receives, increasing the number of enquiries the site generates and ultimately therefore increasing the number of sales your company makes.

Online Marketing Strategies - Sheffield South Yorkshire
More Traffic + More Enquiries = More Sales

In order to achieve the best results your site must have great search engine rankings, great content and a methodical approach to maintenance. In a typical contract our client will need their site content to be updated and their search engine placements to be improved. Our tried and tested approach to developing a successful internet marketing strategy is as follows.

1. Web Site Review

Initially we review your current situation (if applicable) in depth. We are looking to set a benchmark to measure our effectiveness against, and will begin by asking questions such as:

Once we have established your market and the likely trends for your sector we are able to develop a tailor made strategy for increasing your web site’s profitability.

2. Increasing Web Site Traffic

There are four main sources of traffic to any web site: search engine referrals, internet directories, existing customers or word of mouth referrals, and referrals from traditional marketing campaigns. We analyse each of these aspects in detail and make recommendations in the following areas:

3. Increasing On-line Enquiries

So you may have hundreds of customers visiting your site but how many enquiries do you receive? Turning your average site visitor into a potential customer is largely down to the content of your site:

4. Measuring Effectiveness

The ultimate measure of the success of the above two elements is of course the increase in web generated sales that your site achieves. However your web site can also yield valuable data on your customers, where they are coming from and which areas of your site are really working. We recommend a periodic review of the statistics from your site and specialise in interpreting the figures into meaningful information for your business. This will not only inform you of current visitor patterns but will provide inspiration for the direction in which to take the site. Our ultimate aim is to provide the feedback such that information from your web site can be used to direct your overall marketing strategy.
Your Blueprint for Success.

At Estona we provide a range of service levels depending on your needs. If you are dipping your big toe into the world of web promotion our search engine optimisation service is probably the ideal starting point for you. At the other extreme you may be fully committed to exploiting the internet as a marketing tool in which case you will want to invest in a tailor made Internet Marketing strategy – a blueprint for turning your existing site into a profitable business tool. This is provided as a clear and detailed document and includes an in-depth analysis of your current web site with specific steps to implement in each of the above areas.

Whatever your level of interest in internet marketing Estona can help. Contact us today for further information on 01405 704763 (UK) or 0439 537 593 (Australia) or e-mail

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