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E-mail marketing can be a powerful tool for maintaining existing client relationships and generating new business but . . .

Beware the mis-use of this particular form of marketing.

Email Marketing Sheffield South YorkshireUnder UK law consumers are now officially protected from "unsolicited" e-mails - in other words it is illegal to send an e-mail to someone without their permission. Beware the spam you receive advertising millions of e-mail addresses for next to nothing - not only is the product illegal - the e-mail advertising it probably is too. We recommend asking customers if they mind receiving promotional e-mails from you, either by providing an opt-out on your web site and adding an "unsubscribe" feature as a footer in your e-mail.

Building a bona-fide list takes time, but once you have it, a properly conducted e-mail marketing campaign can be very successful. Be familiar but curteous, short and to the point and most of all be reasonable infrequent.

Our recommended software can be used to send e-mails, newsletters and special offers to your customers at the click of a button. Specific features include:

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