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Database Development

. . . for the online delivery of information, products or services

Many of the most profitable internet success stories are databases that do little more than exchange information online (think of Ebay or Friends Reunited). Others, provide readily accessible information about a range of products and the facility to order them on line (such as Amazon or Tesco).

E-commerce Database Development Sheffield South Yorkshire

Do you have a product or service that could be delivered via the internet?

Your business may well do this already but if the on-line system is not efficiently integrated with the rest of your business administration systems and processes your staff are likely to be wasting valuable time doing the same job twice. Your staff may simply feel that they are not able to do their job because they are tied up with admin. Similarly if your system is not well presented to customers you may be missing out on sales.

A bespoke system developed by Estona can provide the solution:

At Estona we take great pains to clearly define what it is that your business is trying to achieve. What are you delivering? How should this best be presented? How can we best reach your target market? We work in close consultation with you to develop the most cost effective solution to get you there.

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And for the technically minded . . .

Estona has a track record of proven expertise for database development and the web-based delivery/collection of dynamic content via the following:

Finally, check out one of our recent developments and see if it could help you find new sales leads . . .

Estona recently developed a complete systems overhaul for Mandis Information Services Ltd to provide up to the minute on-line business intelligence to source sales leads for a wide range of market sectors across the UK and to provide the Sunday Times Mandis Index - an indicator of UK business health.

For a free trial of this system visit Mandis Free Trial you may find new sales opportunities for your business!

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